How We Do It

How We Do It

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Comprehensive Property Management Services: All-Inclusive

As an owner, you will get the benefit of our firm’s care and dedication. We know you will appreciate our thorough approach. From preparing your property and landing a great resident, to conducting a meticulous exit inspection after a tenant has vacated the premises, we handle every aspect of property management with the ultimate respect for you and your renter.

Here is a brief description of some of the services provided before, during, and after your resident has moved in.

Property Preparation

Your property is inspected by a 3rd party maintenance company, which notes potential safety hazards or future problems that could adversely impact your property. Ideally, the home should be in good condition prior to leasing to achieve the highest possible rent return and to ensure a happy resident upon move-in. Happy residents stay longer at the property, making you more money through lower vacancy and turnover costs over the years.

Market Analysis

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis prior to marketing your property to secure the optimum rental rate with the least amount of days spent vacant.

Rapid-Response Maintenance and Repair

Your resident will be able to access responsive, live service personnel 24/7 as supplied by the Appfolio Maintenance Call Center. Every request is documented for follow up.

Preparing a Lease

We will prepare all the lease documents for the property, including all addendums and disclosures required by state and federal law. We utilize an attorney prepared lease, which is updated annually to ensure the most up to date laws to protect our clients.

Qualifying Prospective Tenants

We are serious about upholding your requirements. To that end, we inspect credit reports, assess rental and employment history, and verify income so that the occupants meet or exceed our minimum standards. We DO NOT in any way discriminate, nor will we work with clients that ask us to. Our rental criteria are posted on the website, and this is updated every year by attorneys to ensure that we are following all current laws.

Digital Records Prior to Occupancy

A detailed inspection of your property immediately prior to occupancy will document the condition of your property prior to the resident’s move-in date.

Monthly Statements

A detailed monthly statement will be sent to you, and the funds will be deposited directly into your bank account via ACH. We utilize the Appfolio software platform.

Annual Inspections

A 3rd party maintenance technician will inspect your property once a year, changing or cleaning your furnace and A/C filter, checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and documenting the condition of your property along with any maintenance issues. A detailed written report will be mailed to you. Digital pictures will be included as possible. While this does involve a charge to the client, preventative maintenance costs (usually $100/year in labor) are certainly a worthwhile measure of catching water leaks and anticipating future damage from residents or the environment.


Our professional marketing programs include all the following marketing strategies to secure the best-qualified tenants for your property in the least amount of time:

  • Pictures of your property on our website
  • Ads on rental websites with links to pictures on our website
  • Signs placed in the yard or window (if authorized by the owner and as allowed by any HOA), to capture drive by and walk by potential renters.
  • Video tours to attract more potential renters

Exit Inspections

A pre-move out inspection will be performed prior to the resident leaving the home. This will document the condition of your property and note any damages by the tenant in writing and with digital pictures. Initial inspection notes and pictures will be referenced to disburse your tenant’s security deposit as required.

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